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At Culture@Work, we exist to help organizations reach their full potential by maximizing human capital contribution. We teach organizations to create their own unique culture that enables sustainable success.

The solution for labor challenges

The solution for labor challenges

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Now is the time to take action

  • In March 2022, 4.5 million employees left the workforce

  • Currently there are 11.5 million job openings—the most on record

  • 59% of employees say culture is more important than salary


Watch the following video for the solution

  • Why is culture important?

  • Why do so many cultural initiatives fail?

  • What are the critical elements to building your desired culture?

  • Tell me more about next-level outcomes (NLOs).

Developing your corporate culture

Developing your corporate culture

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We build high-performance cultures

We help organizations develop their core culture strategy and map their journey to full realization. This includes identifying key behavior habits (KBHs) that will produce next-level outcomes (NLOs).

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We can guide your company toward a healthy culture

​Typical Culture

  • Job descriptions and org charts

  • Silos

  • Delegation

  • Accountability

Healthy Culture

  • Principle documents or employee compacts

  • Collaboration

  • Engagement

  • Ownership

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Why cultural change efforts fail

There are common reasons why efforts to change an organization's culture can fail. 

  1. The required change is not clearly defined in terms of behaviors.

  2. The messaging is not cascaded properly through the organization's structure.

  3. A failure to systematize the communication regarding the culture journey.

  4. Reluctancy to address detractors who resist the new reality

  5. The organization has not made the cultural transformation a strategic priority.

Culture@Work can help your organization succeed.


Assess your company culture

Is your culture healthy and disruption resistant?

Here's your challenge: Answer these assessment questions honestly.

  • Are employees at all levels of the organization asking "why?" and challenging the status quo? Regularly?

  • Are you reacting to data and trends or is the company out in front and innovating?

  • Does every employee belief their contributions truly impact the long-term viability of the organization?

  • Can you easily identify ambassadors that consistently speak about your culture?

  • Do you have at least 4-5 attributes that every employee must own to be part of your employee community? 

  • Is mentoring and sharing learning outcomes a common behavior?

  • Does your employee community feel a strong sense of purpose to their work each day?

Calibrate your score below.


How does your company measure up?

Here's how to score the challenge:

  • 2 no’s or more: There is work to be done.

  • 3 no’s or more: There is significant optimization required to maximize your human capital.

  • 4 no’s or more – Next level outcomes are currently unobtainable and require intervention.

Does your company culture struggle or fail in this assessment? We can help!​


Our Services

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Let us help you align your team's talent to the organization and build trust with your employee community.  This will engage employees and create ownership in their work and your mission.


We educate you to fully leverage your human capital to obtain a competitive advantage and realize next level outcomes (NLOs).


We partner with you throughout the journey to create sustainability. We work collaboratively throughout the entire process and guarantee measurable results.

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Culture@Work will take you to new levels you thought were impossible for your organization to reach.

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A word on hiring

Identify attributes that will enrich your  culture

Consider specific attributes that every candidate must meet to be invited into your organization. Consider:

  • Entrepreneurial spirit

  • Lifelong learner

  • Critical thinker

  • Service-minded

  • Collaborative


Contact us to see how our approach can help you shape your core culture strategy and achieve key measurable results.

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